You Have Time

Don’t believe me? You’re probably right.

May 01, 2017

Time is no respecter of persons.

Meaning, it doesn’t care about you.

You should care about time, though.

It’s the one thing that we all have the exact same amount of everyday. It levels the playing field. It’s the most valuable thing on the planet.

How you spend it determines everything in your life.

Where you spend your time shows the true passions of your heart.

Those passions can be used to build, or they can be used to destroy.

They can be wasted, or they can be multiplied.

Priorities. Sacrifice. Focus. You’ve heard it all before.

The reason you don’t listen is because time has no value to you.

It has no value to you because you’ve traded your time for dollars per hour.

You exchange time for a fixed rate of money. If you work harder you get the same amount. If you suck at your job you get the same amount. It’s just time.

What if you built something with that time? Something that only you can control. Something that can be multiplied. Something that gets better over time.

Just a thought.

I’m not going to tell you what to do. I probably am offending you right now. Whatever.

I just want you to think about where and how you spend your time. Even just thinking about it might free you up to do some of the things you always wanted to do.

Some of the things we spend time are are so pale and minuscule compared to the things we could be building.

You can’t get wasted time back.

You can choose how you spend your time in the future.

No one is perfect. But time doesn’t care if you are perfect.

Time doesn’t care about anyone.