What's The Point of All of This?

October 05, 2017

The point of everything I am doing right now is to bring freedom to my family. Freedom of time, money, and choice.

As of right now, I work a 9-5. We don’t have freedom of time. As of right now, we are strapped in debt. We don’t have freedom of money. Right now, we can’t afford to buy a home / take vacations / build meaningful and impactful things. We don’t have freedom of choice.

Why Work More?

That’s an interesting question.

Does it line up with my core values? Not necessarily. My top priorities are my spirituality, my wife, my kid(s), my health, and then maybe my work.

But, when the chips are down and we’re honest with ourselves, theres things that money will help our family with.

The short-term goal is increased income, and the long-term goal is freedom.

But the mid-term goal is to be working on something that I find interesting and important. I’m not so money hungry that I’ll just do anything to get an extra dollar.

I’m working to build assets that will make an impact on our family. Things that will have generational impact, and that can be passed on. I’m in it for legacy.

This Is A Season

During this season, I am pulled in a lot of directions.

Both work and my creative work are asking for my time. This means I have less time to procrastinate and waste. That’s been the biggest battle for me.

I’ve got other obligations and work too - between family and church. I’d rather make sure those things get done than take free time for myself.

Speaking of free time - that will come as well. And I’ll use it to teach my son amazing things, and bless my wife with lots of things, time, and attention.

I Have One Life

I’m trying to act like it.

We all only have one life. I’d rather live it on my own terms than someone else’s.

That mentality comes at a cost for a season, but the harvest is great.

We’re all going to die one day. What did you do with your time?