Some Things I Know

July 26, 2017

Win The Morning, Win The Day

This is the truth. It’s not debatable. The best way to set yourself up for success is to have a strict blueprint that you follow every morning. This allows you to get in the right mindset for the day, and stabilize your state.

Life Is A Marathon

I’m convicted of this in my own mind when I think about quitting something due to a lack of effort. Why would you quit in months on something that you want to do for the rest of your life? The rest of your life.

I’m 25, let’s guess I have 65 years left. I have 65 years of work, passion, love, and success ahead of me. The things that I do every day will be the biggest indicator of how I will grow over time.

Start Small

Every time I try to change a lot of things (habits, ‘passions’, goals, etc.), I end up going back to what I call my ‘default self’. My default self isn’t who I want to be.

When you start small with goals and changing habits, you slowly change your default self rather than just changing for that day. When you change your default self, you can rely on your newfound habits. That’s when success comes to you naturally.

Journal (write)

I’ve found this to make the largest impact on my clarity and focus for the day. When I write, I let my thoughts do the talking. And when I let them talk, they figure out what they need to be doing.

When I have an explicit direction for the day, it’s not hard to accomplish what I set out to do. But when I don’t have clarity of mind, I often neglect the things I should be working on for other things that I can procrastinate on.