Testing, Testing, 123

Growth is about action, testing, and data.

June 28, 2017

The only way you can grow something from scratch (social media, blog, online product, etc.) is to try something, collect data, and let the data tell you how it’s performing.

If it is performing poorly, you change one thing and test again. If it’s doing really well, you change one thing and test again while continuing to do the thing that was working really well.

The only way to find out if something else would work better is to try it. Thinking about trying something, or trying something and not collecting data on it’s performance will get you nowhere fast.

The same thing applies for any goals you are trying to reach in life. Some things come with consistency and time, but before you build a consistent approach, you have to have data that shows that approach is the best approach for you.

I’m applying this concept in the area of Facebook ads. Some people get ‘lucky’ and create amazing ads out of the gate, getting conversions for a few pennies. While others can’t seem to get anyone to do anything for $5 or less.

If you start with a bad ad, there are a lot of things you can change. But, you don’t want to change everything at once. It could be one simple thing that is making it perform bad. You change one thing, and then wait a few days for Facebook to give you feedback about how it is performing.

Optimizing the process is key to reaching your goals. The more efficient you can be with your approach, the easier it will be to be successful.