Start When You’re Not Ready

I’m not ready, and I’m starting.

June 25, 2017

I’m not ready, and I’m starting.

Tomorrow marks the day I will begin to dedicate at least 2 hours a day to Blacklet related tasks.

I’ll be finalizing designs, writing social media posts and content, talking to the manufacturer, talking to future customers, planning the Kickstarter launch and Facebook Ad spend, marketing copy and influencer interaction, and a bunch of other stuff.

This week will be based on planning. I’ll probably do some work, but I’ll mostly be planning.

A lot of people have asked how they can help me, and planning out my exact steps will help me help them figure out how they can contribute.

2 hours a day might not sound like a ton, but it’s enough to get me started. When I have an actual plan and a set course of action, then I can increase the amount of time spent — because at that point it’s all about the amount of time I spend on it.

I’m Not Ready To Build A Business Online

I’m really not. I may be a lot further than I was six months ago, but I’m still learning and growing and figuring out things.

I’m not letting that stop me though.

The best way to learn is to get your feet wet. Trial and error. Maybe I’ll get into this notebook thing and I’ll fail miserably. Maybe I’ll be a blow-out success.

I’ll never know if I don’t try, and I’ll never try if I don’t start.

I’m Not Ready To Be That Disciplined

But I’m giving myself no option.

There will be no casual social media, no entertainment, I’ll be getting my chores done around the house, taking care of my family and working. That’s really it — until the notebook is launched.

I want every day to be the same. Speed is king, but consistency multiplies it. Small actions daily overtime become a big movement. That’s what I’m looking for.

That’s going to be hard. But it’s necessary. I’m not ready, but I’m forcing myself to do it. Because I just need to start.

I’m Not Ready To Be Successful

If I had a bunch of money, I know what I would do with it, but do I have the character to maintain it? Am I underestimating how hard it will be? How will my family be impacted?

Just some of the things I think about. I know I don’t have to be perfect, but I want to be able to adjust when things happen.

At the same point, I’ve never been more ready to be successful. I’ve been learning and growing so much this last year, I am pumped to see where I take it!

I’m not ready, but I’m starting anyways. What’s stopping you?