Selling is Serving

The only way to think about selling.

April 30, 2017

If you don’t sell, you can’t spread your message (product, service, mentality, etc.).

Your message is important. Someone needs your message.

If you don’t sell your message, the person that needs it won’t see it.

By selling, you are serving the people that you need to reach.

You’re solving a specific problem that they have. You’re meeting a need in their life.

When you sell, you have a chance to bring joy and fulfillment to a real person.

When you don’t sell, someone misses out on what you have to offer.

Sure, selling is awkward. It’s not natural. But its completely necessary for the furthering of your message.

Sell to many, and some will even give you money for what you offer.

Some will only take your free stuff. They still needed what you offered. Ask them what they need — provide what they ask for. They might even give you money as well.

Either way, you made a difference in their life. That’s what matters.