My Dream, Vision and Goals

For now, that is.

June 24, 2017

It’s June 24th, 2017. I’m sure this will all change, but right now this is all true. I’m using this as a template framework for reaching the levels of success that I want to obtain.

I’m splitting this into two sections, each with the same template, since there are goals for both my personal life and for my business venture.

Personal Dream

My personal dream is freedom. Financial, time, and family freedom.

I want to have zero debt, invest large sums of my income, and have multiple streams of income.

I want to be in full control of my time. I want to be intentional about the tasks and obligations I adhere to. I don’t want a boss, and I don’t want to fulfill someone else’s dream as my only job (though I do want to help fulfill all of the dreams of my friends and family, but that’s different).

I want to be able to raise my kids the way I want, which is outside of the public school system. I want to be able to travel with my family when we want. I want to be able to have experiences with my family that will allow them to grow into well-educated, caring and successful people.


I am going to realize this dream by starting a product based business, learn the system to do that successfully, and replicate that over and over again.

In one year, I will be working on growing my black notebook business. I will not be working a full-time job. I will be a full-time entrepreneur.

In five years I will have had a few businesses. I won’t be operating in them directly, but rather overseeing operations from a distance. I might be debt free at this point — if not, well on my way to being debt free. Finn will be starting school and I’ll want to be involved.

In ten years I would like to be helping my friends and family do the same things I did to become a millionaire. Helping them become better versions of themselves so they can overcome the things that hold them back in life.

Mission Statement

I exist to impact the others around me by teaching them to build success and freedom into their own lives, after learning how to do it myself.

Business Dream

Run product based businesses that make an impact on people in a positive way. Provide quality products, cheerful service and genuine care.

The businesses bring in much more money than I could ever need. So much so that I can implement giving and philanthropy to a higher level.


Be the best I can be at market recognition, branding, marketing, social media, advertising and growth.

When those things are mastered, I believe I can start any business I want.

Mission Statement

My businesses will exist to bring joy to everyone, wealth to my family, and prosperity to those around me.