What Killed My Writing Productivity

Creating publishable content is hard.

February 24, 2020

Before 2020 I had grand plans about all of the things I was going to write throughout the next year.

I was going to try to keep an active newsletter, and write helpful content for people around the mindset of creating value and increasing in wealth.

But, that didn’t happen.

It’s not because I haven’t been writing. I’ve been writing a lot, and there’s at least 5 half-written drafts that I just don’t have the interest of finishing.

It’s because being forced to write great content all the time killed my writing productivity.

It became more of a chore than a way to clear my mind. It was creating value from nothing (which is hard to do), rather than documenting the journey.

I need to get back to clearing my mind and documenting the journey.

That’s what I am doing right now, and that’s the only reason I’m writing this and the only reason you’re able to read it.

I think there’s inherent value in the things that I talk about when I am clearing my mind. But, I never get to those thoughts without spilling my guts on the page and working through ideas to the point that they are true and clear.

I used to write daily and it was great. I felt great, and it helped me process a lot of the emotions and things I was feeling. Now I write every few days or so, but it feels like it takes my time away.

When I’m just writing to myself (and publishing it publicly) it doesn’t feel like I am wasting time. When I’m writing content that is supposed to be valuable to others, I feel like I am wasting time (because I have a business that I could be spending time on and making more money).

So, I would like to get back into daily writing. No commitments, no agendas, just me and my thoughts. It’s not for anyone else but me, but I think good things will come of it.

As I work through my thoughts, I tend to come up with great tracks to take and explore further. Those are excellent ideas for content that I can write about explicitly for the purpose of educating others.

That’s the plan. Write until I find things that I want to explore further and dive deep into them.