The intersection of skills, talents, and passions is where your success lies.

November 17, 2019

I’m not the best developer. I’m not the best writer. I’m not the best at SEO. I’m not the best SaaS business owner.

But yet, I have combined those skills and talents into something that has brought me and my family lots of money.

Focusing on that, instead of thinking I need to be the “best” at any single given thing, allows me to continue to be consistency successful.

I’m writing about intersection of skills and talents, mostly because I want to figure out what I should be writing about.

I like the combination of SaaS, SEO, and web development. Even though I’m not the best at any of those, I can combine them to be something that’s very valuable.

Another combination is faith, writing, and engineering. There’s a lack of Biblical wisdom and education in the developer & engineering space. I would like to bring those insights.

Another combination: fatherhood, faith, and wealth. That’s what my guide Increasing Wealth As A Father is all about. It’s something I think about a lot, and can help other people understand.

The combination of those different facets of life makes them interesting. Engineering is fine, and so is faith, but combining the two makes a much more interesting dialog.

So, I have these different intersections of interests, skills, and talents. Which one do I focus on?

Well, all of them, but I think they should be separated.

The intersections should remain together, but the different intersections should be isolated.

For instance, my IndieHacker audience probably couldn’t care less about my fatherhood insights. A lot of fathers that follow me in the future probably don’t care about code.

For instance, this website is my personal website. It contains my personal thoughts on a lot of different subjects.

I also own This is where I can build out an IndieHacker audience.

I also own This is where I can build out a faith audience.

I would like to have a fatherhood website, through which I can learn and teach about fatherhood.

I’m under the impression that the best way to learn something is to teach it. What better way to teach it than to write in detail about it.

It doesn’t always have to drive a profit. But, making an income from valuable information is a great incentive to keep learning about it.

I love blogging, and I love SEO. I could see myself selling courses and books through email lists.

I think being multi-faceted is okay. I wouldn’t want to get locked into a single field.

Then again, my career would be “Author/Developer/Entrepreneur”. That wouldn’t really change, even across all of the intersections.

At the end of the day, I write. Mostly words, sometimes code.

What I write about will change, and everything I publish and ship will help the next thing. I can use insights, successes and failures of the different ventures to ensure my future success.

Also, I can blueprint a process that other people can follow. A sure fire way to be able to generate an income through content and products.

I don’t want my writing to get spread too thin. I think that’s the issue I would run into in the future. There’s too much to write, and not enough time. I have to decide what my core focus is during different seasons of my life.

One thing I could do, is once I build up a content machine to the point where it is generating enough income, I could automate a lot of things (or hire people) to manage stuff, so I can just write.

That’s really all I want to do anyways.

As far as generating an income, I would be building products (books, courses, physical products and apps) in the different spaces I am writing in.

I already have made a Bible app, I can sell books in that space pretty easily as well.

I’m excited about the future, and I can’t wait to get to work.

For now, I will mostly be writing for my current business, Closet Tools. I think after 6 months to a year of pushing it hard, I will be looking into other ways to build income streams.

Hopefully we’ll be working on Hannah’s stuff soon as well!