Instagram Follow Bookmarklet

August 02, 2017

Instagram Auto-Follow / Auto-Unfollow Bookmarklets

Follow (87s)

Unfollow (87s)

👆 Drag these links to your bookmarks bar! (Desktop Google Chrome Only)

How To Use

  1. Go to Instagram.
  2. Go to a page where you want to follow the followers.
  3. Click the “«some number» Followers” button. You’ll see the list of followers pop up.
  4. Click the bookmarklet button you want.
  5. Profit $$

You’ll notice it scrolls a little bit. If you scroll up - you’ll see that it followed/unfollowed someone (based on the one you picked).

If it’s scrolling, it’s working. No worries. Or just scroll up to check. But make sure you scroll back down when you’re done checking.

Tips And Tricks

The Math

It clicks every 87s, which is 1000 follows a day if you let it run all day. Obviously, you can only follow less than 7500 people, so you’ll have to unfollow eventually.

More math: If you get a follow-back rate of 20% (pretty standard for a targeted audience), you have the potential to get 250 followers a day. Not bad for doing nothing! Just keep posting and doing stories. You’ll grow in no time.

It’s Not Smart

This button isn’t very smart. It just looks for ‘follow’ or ‘following’ buttons on the page, clicks them, and scrolls down a little bit after it clicks.

It Might Not Work

The reason it scrolls is so new buttons can come up. If no new buttons come up, the script can’t do anything.

But It Should Work

It should keep scrolling, so even if you hit a patch of people that you already follow/need to unfollow, then you should be able to get past them eventually. It just won’t follow anyone for a while until it gets to new faces.

Part Of The Game

Sometimes you’ll notice that it follows the second person and not the first in the list, that’s because it takes into account the follow/following button on the account that you are taking followers from.

Stealth Mode

If you want to unfollow a bunch of people, go to your own account and open the same ‘followers popup’ that you would on another account. This guarantees that you are only unfollowing people that follow you. Obviously, if you want to get rid of all of your followers, open the following popup window. Then you can go wild.

Let It Work

I’ve found that minimizing the browser makes things not behave well. Leave it open and viewable (on that tab). You can always open a new instance of the browser if you want to continue doing other stuff.