My new blog and newsletter project for 2020.

December 20, 2019

In the year of 2020, I am writing about increase.

“Increase” is a blog series and newsletter for technical individuals who are interested in learning the principles of success found in the Bible and other writings of great minds in history.

In this post I hope to define what increase is, demonstrate it’s purpose and impact, and talk about my vision for the project.

Let’s dig in.

What is increase

Increase is defined by Merriam-Webster as: “to become progressively greater (as in size, amount, number, or intensity)”.

Progressively greater.

Increasing is a human right. To compound and grow. It’s what we’re designed to do. It’s the way the world was designed.

There are so many nuances that make humans unique. Different interests, skills, personalities, environments, and dreams.

Yet, there are fundamental principles that enable any human to live the life that they want for themselves.

These principles are the characteristics, disciplines, mindsets, and perspectives that separate successful people from people who are stagnant in life.

There is no one path that works for every person. Anyone at any given time is in a different place in their life. They’re at different levels of experience. Different positions in their life.

Though there isn’t a single path, there are traits that work together to form the journey of a successful individual. Success - regardless of their position in life.

That’s what increase is to me. Success, regardless.

Success when you’re in the best position of your life. Success when everything falls apart. Success in every high, and every low. Success when it matters and when it doesn’t.

Why I think it’s important

Perpetual success is achievable for every person. It’s a Biblical principle of a disciple of Jesus Christ.

The attitude of increase is powerful. It’s unstoppable. Once you’ve had a taste, you can’t go back.

The thing that people get wrong about success and increase is: it’s not about you.

It’s not about your success. It’s not about what you achieve in life. It’s not about how much money you make. It’s not about the knowledge you obtain.

It’s about the impact you have on others.

As you increase, you are able to greater impact those around you in a positive way.

As long as you live your life serving others instead of living for your own gain, you will always be successful.

This is important, because almost everyday I see people who don’t understand how life works.

No one cares about you and your goals. No one is looking out for you. No one is going to make you successful.

Yet, most people desperately care what others think about them. They act in certain ways to fit in with the crowd.

The only thing that people care about is what you can do for them. If you can help someone, then they will care about you.

When you continue to help people, then you eventually begin to be compensated for your efforts.

It starts with helping one person. Then 10. Then 100. Then thousands and even millions.

Helping that many people cannot go unnoticed. It would then be impossible for you to be poor, depressed, and without great relationships.

That is the life of perpetual success. That’s the life of increase.

What can you expect

Throughout the year I will be diving deep into characteristics and concepts that are requirements of a person of increase.

It will be heavily influenced by the Bible - as I have found in my years of writing that Biblical content and perspectives are lacking in the developer space.

I’m leaning hard into the Bible. It’s the most powerful text in the world when interpreted and studied with the correct perspective. It has the authority and instructions to change any person into their ideal potential.

I’ll also be reading books and the works of other great minds that have written on these principles, and will be distilling the content into a consumable and simple format.

I will be studying and writing in a monthly format. The articles will probably be long, but also dense. They’re meant to be guides for mastery, with steps to go from novice to expert.

After all, that’s what increase is. Becoming progressively greater.

During this time I will be learning as well. I don’t think any human being has every principle of success mastered, and it would be naive to think I know everything about success.

This commitment to writing and publishing is a journey for myself to be able to deeper understand what it takes to increase.

What’s the end goal

I’m actually not 100% sure. I have the personal goal of learning, and the public goal of building an audience and community of like-minded people.

I hope to become a better writer, and I hope to build a system of studying and writing that can carry across domains.

I’m committed to the project for a year, which would be 12 articles and newsletters.

During this time I will be operating my business, spending lots of time with my family, and investing time into my church.

During the year I will also be building more products and businesses, and will be reaching new levels of success.

I hope you get as much out of it as I will.

See you January 31st for the first edition.

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