What An Ideal (And Non-Ideal) Day Looks Like

September 26, 2017

Ideal Day

  • Run
  • Lots Of Water
  • Healthy, Low Carb Meals
  • Bible Reading / Prayer
  • Play Time with Finn
  • Wife Time
  • Work that I love (business that I own)
  • Tasks Planned
  • 8 Hours of Actual Work
  • Be With People I Love

Non-Ideal Day

  • No Exercise
  • Headache from Lack of Water
  • Lots of Carbs (and feeling bloated)
  • No Bible / Spiritual Time
  • To Tired To Play With Finn
  • Just Going To Bed and No Conversations / Intimacy
  • Dead-end Day-Job
  • Tasks At A Whim
  • Only and Hour or Two of Actual Work
  • Isolation

The crazy thing is, the non-ideal day is what most days look like for me.

That needs to change.