Getting Organized (Trello)

October 12, 2017

Planning Is My Worst Attribute

For some reason, planning into the future is really hard for me. It’s not hard for me to have a vision about what I should be doing in the future, but it’s really hard for me to make a schedule and stick to it.

It’s almost as if when I am tasked with something, If I can’t do it now then I don’t do it. I’m very immediate and quick. Very last minute. I’m ultra productive when I feel inclined to be - but utterly useless when I don’t have the will power.

There are a lot of things I should be planning that I am not. Things like dates with my wife, financial tracking, fitness goals, and even where my personal endeavors are headed.

I’ve let the all go to the wind. They happen when they happen. It’s really unhealthy.

I’ve Dabbled In Trello For Years

I was one of the initial beta testers of Trello. I have admired productivity for a long time - but I never committed to it.

I want to commit to using it to help plan out everything in my life. Whether it’s Bible readings, a content calendar, financial updates, whatever.

I need to be a strong planner to be able to map my ambition to my actions. I can’t allow not having a plan get me into situations where I am distracted.

I even need to plan things such as when I visit social media, when I rest and when I work. Being able to segment things will be very powerful for me.

One of my strengths (I see it as a strength) is the ability to be laser focused. But, when distracting things start popping up, not only do I get distracted, but I can’t get refocused.

Trello will help me organize my tasks for the day and get my tasks aligned to my goals.

Screenshot-2017-10-12 Blacklet Launch Trello.png

Here’s my board for the Blacklet launch so far!

Something Had To Give

I can’t keep going on without a plan. I need to be executing on my goals every day. Right now my goal is to have an awesome launch. All of my extra energy needs to be focused on that (after work/family).

Planning needs to be central and core to everything I do. Once I have mastered planning and then executing that plan, I will be much more productive.