Get Uncomfortable

If you want something different you have to do something different.

May 24, 2017

Getting up at 5AM sucks.

Cold showers suck.

Staying up and working instead of going to bed with your wife some nights sucks.

Missing out on childhood memories with my son sucks.

Staring at a screen for 12 hours a day sucks.

Skipping meals because you need to keep working sucks.

Not watching Netflix every night sucks.

Working when you feel like doing nothing sucks.

Getting rejected and going back to the drawing board sucks.

Scrapping everything and starting over sucks.

It’s just for a season. The work never goes away, but when you get used to being uncomfortable, you look at the benefits that come along with it.

Financial freedom is amazing.

Getting control of your time is amazing.

Being able to provide for your family is amazing.

Spending quality undistracted time with your family is amazing.

Having people buy what you made and thanking you is amazing.

Becoming the person you always wanted to be is amazing.

Eliminating financial hardship in your marriage is amazing.

Creating something that you created with your own two hands is amazing.

Flexibility in your schedule to compensate for life events is amazing.

I’m putting in the time and effort now so I can live the life I want. These are a rough outline of what success looks like to me.