Funnel Hacker

October 15, 2017

I Want To Be Prolific At Marketing Funnels

I’ve obsessed over many passions. Web development, SEO, app development, Facebook ads, growth hacking… Now funnels.

Funnels tie all of those things together. That’s what I like about it. You have to be good at a lot of things. Which is usually how I describe myself.

But, I want to be known for one thing. That will be Funnels (I’ve said stuff like this before).

Also, being prolific at building marketing funnels allows me to build businesses, and help other people build businesses, which is directly in line with my core values and motivation for doing all of this.

For some reason, I really like the name ‘yofunnels’. The domain is available. I’m going to snag it. It’s short, catchy, and not too serious. But it’s also specific. It’s about funnels. That’s it.

There’s a lot I need to learn about funnels (and marketing in general). But that’s why I want to start a blog/resource library. I want to document my journey to becoming a prolific funnel hacker.

I’ll Be A Funnel Hacker

A funnel is different from growth hacking because it’s directing traffic to something that converts them - not just gaining a following quickly.

Technically, you don’t need a following at all to build funnels. You can do it all with instant paid traffic. So yeah, it’s a little bit of an investment, but if you’re good enough you can turn instant traffic into instant profit. Then scale almost infinitely.

I’ve done a lot in the last three years. I really like the amount of control and potential of building funnels (for content and profit).

I want to take really good notes on other people’s funnels and where they apply them. I want to make resources for other people who want to learn the best ways to turn traffic into money in an ethical and beneficial-to-the-customer way.

I also want to make a lot of money building funnels, so I don’t have to make money teaching it to others.

Starting With Blacklet

I’ll be starting this all out with my current venture, The Blacklet. It’ll be an e-commerce funnel that sells the notebook. I’ve yet to build out any funnels for it, but I will soon.

So… I guess I’ll see you over at yofunnels soon!