Fresh Start

Every morning is a chance to do things right

May 01, 2016

We moved into our new apartment today, and it’s a really good change.

It’s not a massive change, not too much larger or any more special, but it is a much more inspiring and creative environment. Our last apartment was half underground, had hardly any windows, and didn’t have the greatest layout.

Should I let something like an apartment affect me? Probably not. But, when you are at your weakest moments, you never know what subconscious things are going to help pull you through.

Tomorrow morning I will get up early as I have been for the past several weeks. I get up at 5 AM and work on the most important thing for that day. Sometimes it’s for the church website, sometimes my own, sometimes Hannah’s, sometimes it’s used to increase my own learning in web development.

Tomorrow isn’t exactly anything special, but it’s a new start, just like every morning. Here’s to tomorrow.