Things I Forget Too Often

July 27, 2017

I Often Forget The Most Important Things

This happens too often to me - I am reminded of the things I should be focusing on after a period of neglect. Then I focus on them for a few weeks, and it drifts away. Then I am reminded of the things I should be focusing on. Over and over and over again.

So this is my list of things I should remember everyday.

Drink Lots of Water

If I’m thirsty, I’ve waited too long. This will dramatically reduce how often I get headaches and my overall health will increase.

Do Things To Delight Others

Little things go a long way. Do at least one thing every day. Funny things happen when you try to figure out how you can bless someone.

Leaders Eat Last

Put others first. Always be thinking about how you can benefit those around you.

Make A List of 3 Things To Get Done

It’s simple. List 3 things that - if you get them done - mean you had a successful day. Do this everyday and you’ll make lots of progress in any venture.

Cut Out Consumption

Every once in a while I get on a social media binge. I need to be producing, not consuming.

Working Out Isn’t Just About Getting Fit

I need to work out to reduce my stress levels. When I am stressed, I tend to get very little work done.

Write Things Down (Everything)

I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten something that I should know. Brains should be used for computation, not storage. Write things down so they are stored somewhere else.

Track Your Progress

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Get data, and act on that data.

Think Long Term

The actions you do today will change who you are tomorrow. Stop thinking so short term. You’re in this for the rest of your life.

Communicate. Over communicate.

It really helps me to let others know how I feel, what I’m doing and how I feel about them. It helps me because it informs them, and they can make better decisions with better information, which directly impacts me in the long term.


I will thank myself in 20 years.

Listen To Music While You Work

Music helps me focus while I work. It elimitanes distractions and gets my mind in the right place when I listen to something on repeat.

This list will grow over time as I remember things that I should remember.