Doing Then Writing

Not Writing Then Doing

September 05, 2018

Is It Just Me?

I have often written pieces of content in the past that resemble this pattern:

  • I want to do this thing.
  • I will be the best at this thing.
  • Watch me do this thing.

  • I want to do this other thing.

I do this partially to get my thoughts out of my head, but it ends up in the wrong place. This is the type of stuff that should be in a journal. Not on a blog.

So, what’s the alternative? How can I avoid the trap of saying I’ll do something, and then doing another thing?

Well, I can start by just doing the thing in the first place. Then I can write about it.

I’ve actually found this to be beneficial to me in a lot of ways. Not only do I do the thing, but for some reason when I don’t talk about it I usually end up doing it.

When I started the Closet Assistant, I didn’t tell anyone. I just got to work. When I started running again for a few weeks, I just started doing it. I didn’t tell anyone. When I started getting up early, I just started doing it.

It seems like only when I acknowledge that I am doing a thing is when I stop doing it. Maybe because I ruin the fun of keeping my secret powers secret? I’m not 100% sure.

Here’s a meta thought - will I actually change my ways if I am writing about changing my ways? 🤯

Moving Forward

Do, then write. Not write, then do. This will force me to document while I do, which is also a benefit.

This rule applies to my Twitter as well. I won’t tweet before I do something, it’s only after I have done the thing that I will tweet about it.

The solution to almost anything is action. Doing. Not writing, thinking and pondering. Iteration is king.

So, what will I write about next? I’m not 100% sure. I’ve been touting this whole serverless thing, but I have yet to act on it. Once I act on something, I will write about it.