How to do it the right way.

July 29, 2018

Content Is King

You’ve probably heard that before. If not, you haven’t been around internet marketers long enough.

I’m here to tell you (and remind myself) that a consistent and valuable content strategy is a major key to success online. It’s the only way to build an audience.

Now, that content doesn’t have to be ‘content’ per-say. It can be a side-project, a free product, anything that provides people value.

The medium doesn’t really matter either. You want to focus on one platform exclusively until focusing on growing other platforms. It could be video, audio, or written.

The easiest way to generate content is to first have a series of pillar content. This concept is explained well in Gary Vaynerchuk’s Content Strategy.

The pillar content can be a podcast, and interview, a long-form article, or anything that can be broken down into micro-content.

My Own Observations

Content has worked for me. Really well, in fact. My numbers aren’t as massive as some others, but it proves that the concept works.

Here’s my SEO stats for Closet Tools over the last 90 days.

Closet Tools Clicks

I really don’t have a content or social media strategy, but I have written some content for the website. One piece in particular has attracted the most attention.

Closet Tools Keywords

The article I wrote about a feature of the Closet Assistant called the Closet Organizer has brought almost 70 people to my website. That’s not a huge number, but to go from nothing to almost 20 clicks a day is a pretty sweet feeling, and it’s something I need to bet more on.

That sweet exponential trendline is the exact thing any SEO wants to see. Google see’s my content as valuable, so everyday it pushes it closer to the top for the keywords I am targeting.

This site is really the first I have had any success ranking for keywords. It’s also the only site in which have consistenly put out valuable content. Go figure.

Planning My Strategy

This blog / personal site’s agenda is mostly to teach people about building SAAS products and marketing them so they can live off of the profits.

It’s also about personal growth, planning, productivity, and my struggles as an indie maker.

The long-form content is supposed to be the Guides. I haven’t written one yet, mostly becuase I haven’t had a content strategy.

My strategy will be a little different from Gary’s, but it will be similar.

Instead of just breaking down the long-form content, I will be breaking it down and combining it into a larger piece of content.

And instead of starting with the larger content, it will start with the micro-content.

My daily blog posts will be centralized around a theme. There will be roughly 30 micro-posts on that topic in a month. Those will be combined into 4 weekly blog posts, which will make a more cohesive story. Lastly those blog posts will be turned into a guide which will be marketed and produced to draw attention to the website.

It’s the perfect plan to get things done if you don’t want to wait until the last minute (which I am chronically bad at).

I think this content strategy will work for me because I’m the one producing the content. If I was interviewing someone, or going out and getting my content from somewhere else, it would make sense to start the opposite direction.

But, it’s much easier to create a small helpful piece of content every day than to make the whole product from the beginning.

Not every piece of micro-content will be included in the blog posts and guides, and I’m sure there will be stuff in the guides that will not be from the micro-content.

That’s the idea, and next month (August) should be a good candidate to start.