Ideas To Keep Content Rolling

I want to blog the way professionals do.

June 23, 2017

I usually have been coming up with things on the spot, but I want to blog the way professionals do.

1. Keep A List

Having a content list of ideas to write about is a great start to making sure you always have something to write.

Keep a list of at least 10 things to write about. As soon as you finish one, cross one off of the list and add a new one to the list. That way, it’s always refreshed.

2. Schedule Your Posts

When you have that list, you can then plan when you will write the content, and when you will post it.

Knowing exactly what you will be writing when you sit down to write makes it so much easier. Creating an outline before writing makes it even more easy. Just fill in the blanks.

If you’re ahead of the game and have content lined up, then the scheduling of the posting matters. Otherwise, you can post as soon as you are done writing and editing.

3. Don’t Care What People Think

You’ll waste a lot of time if you care what people think about your content.

Rather than deliberating about the quality of your post, get it out there. The more posts you do, the more it makes you a better writer.

If you get in a habit of writing consistently. You will be a content machine.

4. Dedicate Time To Writing

This seems obvious, but you actually have to dedicate time to writing or it will never get done. If it’s not a priority, then it won’t get done.

Try to dedicate the same time everyday to writing. That, combined with all of these other tips, will get you rolling big time.