As You Learn


September 07, 2018

Document vs. Create is an argument that always eludes me. I feel like I need to create original content for an audience that doesn’t yet exist.

The opposite is so much more powerful. Building an audience around the things you are already doing.

I’m writing apps, I’m learning spiritual truths, I’m learning how to be a good husband and father. Those are the things I’m doing.

I don’t have to make a new guide on a serverless framework. I don’t need to create my own messages / sermons. I don’t need to come up with new strategies to teach other people about parenting and being a spouse.

I just need to document what I do, and let the chips fall where they may.

Now, you can document in public, or in private. If you want to build an audience, build in public. If you just want to grow as a person, document in secret. But either way, documenting is a powerful tool.

I originally wanted this site to be a hub for serverless guides and instructions. I don’t have any guides posted. Why? Because I haven’t documented anything.

I’ve been learning a lot, and I have been applying it, but I haven’t explicitly written it down so others can see.

I need a better method of making sure that I document everything that I learn, and produce it in a way that allows others to follow along.

That way, when I learn something new, I can just feed it into the machine that I have already built, instead of creating something new every time.

Resources will build up over time, and they will become more valuable as I learn more complex knowledge. Then, after I have compiled enough, I can turn it into a complete and coherent package that people can consume in order.

Until then it’s just me presenting what I did and what I learned.