What I Want to Be

This is the job that I want to be doing.

June 13, 2016

I don’t want to be what I am right now. Right now I’m somewhat of an electrical data acquisition / controls engineer. It’s a neat niche, but not exactly what I thought I would be doing when I started college.

I want to be a backend web developer, for a few reasons.

  1. It’s awesome, and some of the most amazing developments in the web are done in the backend.
  2. I could do it remotely.
  3. I could make my own projects that could turn into companies.
  4. I actually really enjoy it. Like a lot.

I love the web, and developing on the web. It make so much sense to me, and I think that everything should be powered by the web.

I don’t want to be a frontend web developer because it really requires a lot of design knowledge, which isn’t really something that I want to be spending my time on.

As a backend engineer, I could come up with ideas, implement them, and get some income from them with very low startup costs. It’s an awesome way that I could contribute to the awesome web community, accomplish really cool things and do so while making some passive income.

Speaking of income, there wouldn’t really be any pay gap between a backend engineer and what I am doing now. If anything it could very well be more.

I could work remotely as a backend engineer. This. This would be incredible. I’m not one to want to make things easier on myself, or choose the easy route, but working remotely is such an incredible advantage over working at a specific location.

Working remotely would bode well for me. I think I would do well with the remote communication, and I would be able to do time management well. Overall it would be the best thing for my productivity and happiness. It would be a dream.

I think that the ultimate dream for me is to start my own business. I think that becoming a successful backend engineer will be part of that equation, since I can get a project off the ground and running before I delegate everything off to employees.

I’m going to see what it would take to get started as a backend web developer and try to plot out my course to get there.

Oh, and this will help with my Backbone Electronics small business, since I would be able to better help small businesses with web development.