Updated Vision

Some things have changed, others have not.

July 06, 2016

I still need consistency in all areas of my life. That vision will never change. I need consistency in my relationship with my Wife, my family, spirituality, exercise, eating, sleeping, working, etc. But these things need to work together to push towards a common vision. Something that allows me to keep growing daily.

There is one thing that annoys me a lot. My entire life, there has been a guy who is also named Jordan O’Connor that has been able to dominate the search for that name. He’s a Canadian music artist that hasn’t put out an album in more than a decade, yet he still reigns the search. That is going to change. I am going to dominate that search. I will be the most popular and successful Jordan O’Connor in the world.

I plan on doing this my web development firm thrown. I plan on using the alias “@thrown” for all of my online projects and things that will bring attention to the brand. I’m super excited about this and I can’t wait to see what things will be like in the future.

Even though I am kicking off my business, I am still in a learning phase. I need to be a JavaScript guru. I need to be able to be a one-stop solution for all of my customers. I need to be able to make Jekyll sing. I need to have design standards that I can live by that will make my workflow quicker and more efficient.

My fitness goals are all but trashed. I was supposed to be fit by now. I think I have been approaching it the wrong way by wanting to do a marathon. Really, it’s not about running. It’s not even about being fit (though that’s awesome). It’s about discipline. Same with lifting weights, eating healthy, loving my wife, being there for my family.

The mere fact that I want to do these things doesn’t make me a better person if I don’t have the discipline to go out and do them consistently without wavering.

By approaching this from a consistency and discipline perspective, it doesn’t matter how I do these things, but rather that I actually show up and do them. I need to be able to rely on this consistency to get me through anything that I decide to tackle in life. I need it to make sure I am always loving my wife, always staying fit, always being my best self no matter what.

This consistency and discipline approach is something that can rub off on others as well. I can make an influence on other people by being able to truly embody the person that I want to be. As long as I am the person that I want to be, then I can do anything that I set my mind to doing.

I should be in better control of all of the aspects of my life that I can reach. I should be making sure that we have our meals planned out and I should be helping prepare them so that we can eat healthy and feel good about ourselves. I should be planning out my time in the mornings so that I spend adequate time on exercise, spirituality and my work. I should be allowing specific time for myself to grow and learn alongside the work that I am doing.

There is a lot of accountability, communication and planning that needs to go into getting these things done daily. I’ve talked about all of this before, and I have tried to plan things out, but it’s about time I actually started doing them.

Getting There

Communication and planning are two things that I have struggled with a lot in the past. They have kept me from reaching my true potential, from being the person that I want to be.

I want to be the person that can take on any challenge, yet remain steady in all of the things that I am doing in life. I can’t just be good at one thing and think that all of the other things will fall into place. Everything takes practice. Everything takes work. Everything needs time.

I love reviewing my daily timeline - so let’s do that. Here is what I currently have:

  • 4AM: Web Dev
  • 6AM: Bible / Prayer Time
  • 6:30AM: Work out
  • 7:15AM: Get ready for work
  • 7:45AM: Blog post
  • 8:30AM: - 5PM: Work
  • 5:30PM: Make dinner/Have dinner/Hang with family
  • 9:30PM: Get Ready for next day / Bed
  • 9:45PM: In bed / Write plan for next day
  • 10PM: Sleep

The problem with this is that I think I have to work out and get ready before anything. It’s imperative that I am wide awake and ready to go when I begin working. Also, I need to establish a “screens off” time for the evening with Hannah. This would be just during the week, but I think that 9:30 PM timeframe is a good cutoff point.

I think that I should be making my lunch the night before. This would allow me to squeeze even more time out of my morning. Breakfast should also be made before I start working, not after.

Let’s remake that timeline:

New Timeline

  • 4AM: Wake up to Work Out
  • 5AM: Shower/Get Ready
  • 5:30AM: Make Breakfast
  • 5:45AM: Bible Time
  • 6AM: Work Time
  • 8AM: Leave
  • 8:30AM: Day Job
  • 12PM: Call clients
  • 1PM: Day Job
  • 5PM: Head Home
  • 5:30PM: Make dinner/Have dinner/Hang with family
  • 9:30PM: Make Lunch / Screen Off
  • 9:45PM: In bed / Write Plan for Next Morning
  • 10PM: Sleep

This timeline will work well. I always say that, but I want to stick to this one. I have tried several things and I think this one comes from experience.

The worst thing I can do for myself is not plan accordingly the day before.

Jordan @thrown