New Day. New Mindset.

I've been waiting for a moment like this.

June 16, 2016

Right now I am at such a polarizing crossroads, it stresses me out. I feel so strongly that I want to be an entrepreneur, but I absolutely need my job right now. Then, when I think about it, there are ways to be entrepreneurial and successful at work. I mean, the CEO makes $12 million a year. I could handle that.

Well, there is no reason for me not to be successful at work. I almost always don’t want to do the work, but I always have the same 8 hours everyday. I should be the most productive, most social person in the office. I need the social aspect to be successful in any business.

Why don’t I want to do the work? It’s almost always not what I think I should do, but what someone else tells me to do. I know, I’m not a senior engineer, but I like to have a say in the decisions that are made and how I can implement them. Also, I feel like there are things at work that are neglected in my discipline that I could change and really make a difference.

I have somewhat of an ultimatum to present to my engineering manager. You see, I need to make more money. My division of the company is scheduled to double in revenue over the next few years. I want a piece of the pot. I want my salary to be 50% higher in two years, and I want to find out from them what it would take to make that happen. There are goals and agendas from the people above me that need people to complete. I want to be the person that is the go-to for all of those agendas, so that I can have a platform to stage my raise.

I don’t think I’ll present this today, because I need to build my social repertoire. I need to be more closely involved in people’s lives at work. I need to think about it fro more of a tactical standpoint, otherwise I don’t always see the benefit of it. I think I get that attitude from my Dad. Once I build up my social presence, then I can present my goals for myself at my company. I know the people there really like me, but I have so much more planned for my life. If they can’t meet my demands when I meet theirs, then they aren’t going to be included in my future plans. Simple as that.

I need to be able to approach anyone and be able to win them over. I need to be able to hold a conversation with the big dogs, without making myself seem like an introverted sociopath. I need to know things about people, interact with people, and find ways to make myself a part of their life.

I have always had a lot of self awareness. I have a keen sense about how people are feeling, how things operate around me, but I have never tried to capitalize on that. I’ve never been one to go out of my way to acknowledge that I know what’s going on with someone. I should be the nicest and most interactive person that people know at work.

This will be an interesting chapter. I’m working towards my 10x goal. When I find out what that goal is, I’ll let you know. For now, just know that it is bigger than anything you can imagine right now.