Maybe my First Client

We'll see if he wants my services!

June 14, 2016

I might get a chance to do my first web development project for a real client soon. Aaron has a friend down in Alabama that needs a website for his business and I quoted him a few numbers.

It would be really awesome to get my first client. Not only is it good pay, but some of that money could be reinvested into the business so that I can create my LLC and get some more clients!

I’m looking forward to the day when I can spend my time working on web development and technologies, paving my own path into the industry.

Right now I am setting up a Hackintosh VM so that I can develop and iPhone app. I had an idea to turn live photos into long exposure shots by adding on the frames with diminishing opacity.

The Hackintosh thing is weird though. Not your average install. Hopefully I can figure it out without too much trouble. Right now it is giving me trouble.

One thing that I find interesting and that I somewhat struggle with is the sense that I need to have a perfectly normal week to be able to perform the way I need to for my business to be successful or for me to become the backend web developer that I really want to be.

Almost every week is different in my life. It’s never the same. Rather than relying on the mood of the week to influence my daily balance, my daily balance should be influencing my week!

I should be planning ahead, knowing that something will be different about tomorrow and that I should flex some of my hours to make sure I get in everything that I need/want to. Like this week, I have this optics course instead of going to work everyday, and next week I will have my anniversary overnight with my wife and starting a small vacation in the finger lakes.

Every week is different. There are very few days in the year that are “normal”. I really need to approach my days like that and make sure my daily habits are forming my lifestyle, and not the other way around.