Lambo Goals

I'm not really sure what my Lambo goals are.

June 10, 2016

In one of the series that Seanwes does, they talk about Lambo goals. A massive goal that is something you are striving for. Something, like in this case, a Lamborghini.

I don’t really have a Lambo goal yet. I’ve never been one to be attached to physical things, so maybe my Lambo goal is experiences. That’s what this post will be used to figure out.

I’m into gadgets and electronics, so I’d want the best computer around. But even that would be a maximum of $10K or so. That’s nowhere near the multi million dollar price tag on a Lamborghini.

I would definitely be interested in owning a lot of land. Land in different places all over the US. Land in the mountains, forests, hundreds of thousands of acres of land. Now that would be pretty neat.

Of course I would want to include my wife in on my goals, but I’d have to ask her what she wants. I know that she would like a multi-million dollar house, and I would like that too! But, if I had to choose between that and land, I’d probably choose land.

I certainly would like to travel quite a bit. I’d like to take my family places that I’ve never been, and I’d like to be able to not be restricted by a tight budget. I don’t necessarily want to be ridiculous, spending all of my money on stupid touristy stuff, but rather on cool experiences and exclusivity.

A goal for me is to be tithing what I currently make at my job right now. This falls right in line with the 10x rule. I would need to be making 10 times what I am making now. That would be incredible.

So what is the timeline on some of these things? 10 years, 20 years, 30 years? That, I’m not exactly sure. The one thing I know is that I am setting out to change my family tree. I will have a legacy that extends well beyond me for many generations to come.