Once you've decided, it's time to act

June 02, 2016

Things change rapidly for me all of the time. Soon I will have a baby to take care of with my wife. When that time comes, I’ll need as much consistency as I can in order to stay on the path that I have chosen.

I’ve decided to start a technology services company I will push forward with this as a means of making more income, so that I can kiss my debt goodbye sooner rather than later.

There’s no doubt if I were to just keep working my corporate job that I would be debt free in 10 years, but I can’t wait that long. I don’t want to come across as arrogant, but I am too talented to be stuck for that long. I have way to much to offer.

This small business is a means to get me out of debt, and supplement a lifestyle that will allow us to build significant wealth over time. Who knows, if it becomes big enough, maybe I could afford to hire some of my friends and family.

The current state of computer repair shops in Rochester is pretty sad. The online presence and marketing (or lack thereof) of these other businesses are almost embarrassing. I’m hoping to change that for the better. I want to tap into the gaps that the current businesses have not filled.

From a practical standpoint, my hope is to be making at least $1000 a month from this small business. I figure 20 hours a month at $50 is very reasonable as long as I get the work. $1000 a month will put my debt payoff at 5 years max.

Getting the work is new for me, I’ve never had to advertise and take on clients or customers. I hope that I can work with Hannah very closely so that I can make sure I stay organized and on top of everything.

One fear for me is that I won’t be able to get the customers calling. I still need to work on an advertising and job posting plan. I plan on using craigslist, but I need to find other platforms that I can operate on to attract customers.

I also should be looking into being a reference for different phone / computer businesses as a go-to guy for things that they can’t do. My brother works at AT&T and he said that he could get me several customers a day just because they don’t repair phone screens there.

Another whole side of the business that I will need to work on is the legitimacy of it. I need to get it incorporated, copyright the logo and name, open a bank account for it, and use invoicing software to bill customers with.

I’m technically two days into starting the business. Pretty awesome!