Crush It

Now that I have a focus, I can crush it.

June 09, 2016

Things aren’t the same as they were a few weeks ago. Now I have a focus, now I have something to pursue. One thing to pursue. This makes life less complicated, more fulfilling, and easier to crush. With only having one focus (from a passion and work perspective), I can truly dedicate the necessary energy and resources to be successful.

I created my first ads today. It was definitely cumbersome trying to think of ad material on the spot. I’ll need to hold on to my stuff so I can repeat some things - with a twist of course.

It also took longer than I thought it would. Mostly because I didn’t plan the content ahead of time. But, last night I talked with Hannah briefly about what I was going to accomplish this morning and I crushed that. I think both the planning and the accountability make for a great motivator in my mind.

I only got up at 5AM today because that is what I have done all week. I’ll kick it back to 4AM next week. I definitely could have used the extra time this morning. I still need to get a workout in.

I like having my own business, it’s a neat way to be kept accountable for working hard. It’s obvious to people when you give up, and it would be very hard for me to justify quitting. I hope that I can gain some credibility in the community around me and begin to get clients. That’s my biggest hurdle right now.

Having one focus is great. It brings me clarity. I don’t have to sit and think about what project I should try tomorrow, or what venture I want to pursue. Its a simple answer now: work on my business. As long as I maintain planning the night before, I will be able to rush every morning that comes my way.

Now, I need to begin crushing it more at my day job. I just need to be more aggressive about getting my work done, asking for more work and socializing with my coworkers. There are new people in the engineering group and I have no idea who they are. I don’t think that is good, and I should be one of the first people that new employees meet because of how awesome I am (#yeahright).

Seanwes is supposed to be putting out material next week about making your first $1000. Hopefully I can apply their technique to my business!