Sticking to one thing and not getting distracted

June 08, 2016

After several months, there is a path that I have chosen, and now I need to stay here and build on it. I can’t go around trying out different ideas and spending my time elsewhere. This is my work now, and it won’t get done unless I build it myself.

I have chosen the path of starting my own computer repair business because it will allow me to bring in cash in a direct amount to how much effort I put into it. It is also something that is easy for me, and is a great precursor into small business practices.

As I have said before, the hardest thing for me will be getting clients. It’s just not my strongpoint yet. I’ll need to learn how to reach out to those who might need me, and find the best ways for people to find me. This will need to be a big focus for me over the coming months. Doing the work will be easy, getting it is what will prove difficult.

I’m in a good place to start building for my own success. My day job covers all of my expenses, I have time allotted for building a client based business on the side, and I am balancing things that are important to me like family, exercise and faith.

This pattern will go on for a few years, I have to accept that. I put myself in this box when I took out all of my student loans. I’ve learned a lot since then, and wish I had a bit more common sense when starting that journey.

Building takes time. It takes focused effort over time. It needs to be consistently brought to the forefront of my attention, and it needs to be high on my priority list.

One thing that I’ll need to get better at is explicitly planning my day out so I get things done during the time that I am supposed to be spending on them. This includes both my side gig and my day job. My day job requires attention and planning so that I don’t get laid off or something because they think I’m not getting my work done. Getting laid off would put everything on hold.

This will need to happen the night before. Also, I need to be getting to bed on time. The past two days I have gotten up at 5AM instead of 4AM because I have been going to bed around 11PM. 5 hours of sleep is just not enough. I need at least 6.

This brings even more importance to me spending time with Hannah in the evening. Since I need to be going to bed at a certain point, our time is not unlimited. Also, when the business picks up, I will be spending less time with Hannah in the evenings because I will be out on calls or whatnot.

I’m really excited about all of this, and I am heading in the right direction. It’s time to build something foundational for me to use as a platform for my success.