Back At It Again

I need to keep writing, It's critical to my success.

July 24, 2016

It’s been a while, I’ve been really busy. This week things are going to slow down a little bit before they ramp up again when the baby is born!

This week I would like to get the River Rochester site finished, and also work on developing some templates for a possible business venture. Hannah (from Cathy) came up with the idea of doing wedding websites for people. I could make a few tiers, and add additional features to each. Using CloudCannon’s CMS they should be able to edit things how they want it.

I really really need to get back into an exercise routine again. I need to be a role model for my family and I also need to be fit for my health in general. There really aren’t any excuses as to why I’m not exercising everyday.

I haven’t has as much consistency as I would like lately. Is that how things will always be? I know that consistency today comes from good planning the day before, so am I just not planning correctly? That’s probably it, since I say I am not a very good planner. Maybe it’s time to change that.

It’s really tough to get up at 4AM when I either don’t go to bed on time, or I don’t get a good nights sleep. The question is, what should suffer because of it? Should I cut out my workout and just work for two hours? Maybe I should work out and take an hour out of my work time? Skip the blog? Skip breakfast?

That’s what I need to make up my mind about. I think I really need the consistency of working out everyday. My body needs it. I think that will make me more resilient to fluctuations in my daily evening routine.

It stinks that I would need to sacrifice my work for the sake of consistency. I need to be working on my business so that I can move forward and one day get out of the corporate world. But I know that with good planning I can get more done with less time. Maybe that’s what it takes.

If I can actually get more down with less time that would be awesome. I would need to eliminate any distractions and be 100% there wherever I am.

Tomorrow I will get back on this train of me working 12 hour days.

Jordan @Thrown