18 Hours

What I work with every day

May 09, 2016

I’ve got 18 hours a day to become the person I want to be. I’ve got 18 hours a day to chase my goals and dreams. I’ve got 18 hours a day to grow, plan and lead.

Today I have kicked off my 4am club campaign. My schedule now looks like this:

  • 4AM: Prayer/Bible
  • 4:30AM: Web Dev/Freelance
  • 6:30AM: Work out
  • 7:30AM: Get ready for work
  • 8AM: Blog post
  • 9AM: - 5PM: Work
  • 5:30PM: Make dinner/Have dinner/Hang with family
  • 8:30PM: Read/Plan for next day
  • 9:45PM: In bed
  • 10PM: Sleep

I might need to tweak it in the future, but it works for now. This schedule, of course, is only for days that we aren’t doing anything in the evenings. I think setting a bed time of 10PM isn’t too unreasonable. I still get my 18 hours.

This schedule leaves me with 2 hours of work time on a week day, which isn’t too bad. Since I have other things in my priorities, I can’t spend all of my time working. My life needs maintenance and balance.

Once I have confidence that I can start accepting clients for web development, I might add an hour of work in the evenings as well. I don’t think Hannah would mind a little more time as long as it is bringing in income.

This has been an interesting time, to say the least. I have been moving forward in a lot of ways, but I can always afford to plan better and be more organized. All of the areas that I am trying to work in should have goals, and plans to reach those goals.

I know the power of good habits, and working over time. It’s much like compound interest. Working small bits of work over time allows you to create something much better and larger than if you were to do it all at once.

Doing things day to day allows for a better schedule, one that promotes health and balance. It makes it easier to manage my priorities, and establish them.

I really like where all of this is headed, and I am sure that I will be successful in finding work that I can use to bring income in as I tackle my debt.